Hong Kong is a menagerie of exclusive cocktail bars, pumping clubs and decent pubs.
Some of them are particularly impressive. The collection below pulls together some of the more memorable bars in Hong Kong

1. Ozone | $$$$$ | 5

  • Undisputedly, the best views of Hong Kong from a bar that is one of the highest in the world. You’ll be able to see the daily light show from the balcony – be wary if you suffer vertigo
  • Drinks are very expensive, but frankly, you won’t need more than a couple to get the most out of the experience. You’re paying for the venue, so I’d recommend not coming here for a few pints after work
  • Highly recommend the classic old fashioned

2. Cé La Vi | $$$ | 4

CÉ LA VI bar

  • Fantastic views of the city in the hugely popular LKF vicinity
  • Drinks are not overly expensive and the crowd is genuinely interesting
  • Dress code is sometimes strictly enforced, so make sure if you’re a gent you wear proper shoes and trousers. Ladies should wear something roughly appropriate for a cocktail bar (not too short)

3. Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour | $$$$ | 4

  • It does what it says on the tin – serves gin, and lots of it
  • The entrance is completely bizarre. You will walk through what looks like a hospital or dentists door. I suppose it’s consistent with the general “Dr” décor
  • Not cheap, but frankly, pretty cool and a good place for a stiff gin after work
  • We wary of splitting bills – like so many places in Hong Kong, you’ll be lulled into a false sense of security by being told you can have a tab and sort it out at the end. The issue with this is that it leaves you having to do quick maths at the end because they don’t split, and you’ll be surprised at how difficult and unhelpful people can be when it comes to paying bills. Even worse if you’re using card

4. Quinary | $$$ | 4


  • Discovered this place at midnight on the way home from LKF. Infinitely classier. Has supposedly won numerous awards
  • The namesake drink was, as I vaguely recall, “the Quinary”. Very flavoursome, and definitely had a tang of fish (sardines maybe?) sprinkled on top
  • They offer you unlimited crisps gratis – we put this to the test. The bowl really is limitless
  • Really cool vibe, worth checking out if you’re after an ambient, speak-easy feel

5. Armani Prive | $$$ (?) | 3.5

  • For reasons that are beyond me, Hong Kong has an obsession with Armani (and in fact, any luxury brand the average person could never afford). So, of course, Armani own a rooftop bar with some of the coolest views in Hong Kong
  • I experienced this place as part of a big work function, so we had access to a big outdoor area. While I imagine you would have a similar experience if you just came here for a casual drink, I sense it wouldn’t be my first choice (unless it is your first night in Hong Kong and you want to wowed by the city at night)
  • Has an enforced poshness about it (I mean, a fashion label with a bar?), but still a fun night out