Yardbird | $$$$ | 5

Yardbird entrace

Yardbird is undisputedly one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong. The level of mastery shown over one ingredient will leave an indelible impression on you for weeks after your meal.

The humble chicken is transformed into a fine art. Each cut and variety appears under the Yakitori section of the menu. You can order any part of a chicken, including parts you never knew existed. What is even more remarkable is the depth and excellence shown in the non-chicken dishes. The salads and vegetarian options are world-class.

We sampled 9 dishes, none of which were identical. Each had a unique flavour, was perfectly paired with condiments and executed with ruthless precision (you honestly can’t go past the chicken skin skewer). A standout dish is the appropriately named “Fried Chicken” –  a good starting point for the less adventurous types.

But what about the service? In short, absolutely impeccable. The waiters understand their menu and are not afraid to recommend a dish or cocktail. They manage your expectations around service times and quantities of food, all while coming across as incredibly laid back (quite remarkable given that the restaurant is absolutely rammed with humanity).

Yardbird will happily split your bill without commotion, fuss or difficulty (a point which has caused much chagrin for ShowMeHK generally). It’s almost as if Yardbird authored the handbook on good restaurant service and management and actually implemented it. The vibe here is inexplicably cool, and the restaurant’s décor is minimalist but effective.

If you have a big appetite and a thirst for some cocktails, the bill will add up quickly. But when a restaurant is capable of providing more than just a meal, and (pardon the cliché) a genuine experience, this is money well spent. Try this before you leave Hong Kong.

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