Morty’s Jardine House | $$$ | 4.5

You’ve battled out the working week, and Friday lunch beckons. You want to eat something that will kick off the weekend in earnest. It is unlikely the first thing that would come to mind is a pastrami sandwich – it had never existed in my Friday food universe until a colleague said we should check it out.

The menu is very thin, with only a handful of things on offer. This is usually a good sign – the fewer items on the menu, the better a place knows its core offerings.

There were many people either lining up or waiting to be served. The queue moved very quickly, and it quickly became apparent this was a well oiled operation.

I ordered the pastrami sandwich with a side of fries. The preparation took about 5 minutes, and my order number was hollered by a small lady with a booming voice. The food is presented in a thick, well-designed cardboard box.

We all made our way to an outdoor area outside the office to eat in the sun. As I opened the box, the smell of mustard and vinegar burst into the air. The fries sat lazily next to my pastrami sandwich, edgy yet cool and almost saying “Oi, take a photo – it will last longer.”

In two hands, I clasped my behemoth sandwich, desperate to learn its secrets. A pastrami whisperer, if you will.

It became apparent from my first bite that this pastrami sandwich was perfectly balanced. A thoroughly large amount of meat, but a masterful amount of mustard. This was a fine art, poetry in motion, and I was participating in a magical moment.

The twice-cooked fries complemented the sandwich well. You will not go back to your desk hungry.

This is not the cheapest lunch in town, but it is undeniably one of the best for a Friday afternoon. You’ll probably go for a hike on the weekend as penance for this meal, but walking 7 hours up a hill is a small price to pay for this sublime feed.

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