Cafe Gray Deluxe, Upperhouse | $$$$ | 4.5

The time had arrived to sample a premium brunch, and what better way to do it than in the Upperhouse (way up in the clouds in the Admiralty district).

The real challenge is getting to the “cafe”. There is a rabbit warren of expensive hotels, shops, office buildings and various lift wells you need to traverse. Once you have asked three different people for hints on the next part of your adventure, you might be lucky enough to find yourself going up a set of escalators that lead to a further set of lifts. A well dressed porter will greet you, usher you into the lift, and you will ascend to the great heights of Cafe Gray Deluxe.

As you are in transit to the top floor, you will likely be exhausted, parched, and in need of a serious coffee. A modern day Tom Hanks in Castaway, if you will.

The lift will open to a very impressive walkway, at the end of which is a reception desk. There is soothing music as you walk past various items of interest, and you sense you are near the feng shui of ground zero.

You will approach the table and indicate you have a reservation for breakfast (though in truth our timing made this more of a brunch). A cheerful waitress will guide you around the reception desk and large pillar, past various empty tables (no doubt used for dinner and not in use for breakfast), and walk you in the direction of the searing natural light.

And there it was, our table right next to the panoramic glass windows, where we would eat breaksfast overlooking all of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

The experience had already been impressive, and we hadn’t even looked at the menu.

Without any hesitation, we ordered a skinny latte (the second most expensive coffee I have ever consumed, being trumped only by the Indonesian “Kopi Luwak” – Google it, I dare you). We also ordered a freshly blended green juice.

After spending some time simply absorbing the view, we then looked at the menu. The food prices, while slightly above average, did not break the bank. We ordered the baked eggs with bacon and potato and the gravalax.

The coffee was good (but no better than other premium coffee providers in Hong Kong). The baked eggs were delicious, absolutely jam packed with crispy bacon and carbs. The gravalax was perfectly prepared, light and extremely well presented.

You will pay a higher premium to dine at Cafe Gray Deluxe, but the food is impressive and memorable. What makes the restaurant stand out is the experience – from finding the restaurant, to being seated and soaking in the views to the sounds of relaxing music and epic feng shui, you couldn’t ask for a better start to your Saturday morning.

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