Boomshack | $$ | 3.5

With a name as bombastic as “Boomshack”, one could be forgiven for thinking this restaurant was an American burger joint. Indeed, we were fully prepared for buffalo wings and BBQ ribs as we approached the menu on the wall.

It came as a surprise to us that one of the signature dishes was a chicken katsu curry, served with a vegetable based soup.

My expectations were admittedly low when we walked in – the place appeared understaffed, and an American themed restaurant serving chicken katsu curry does not readily instil confidence in the uninitiated. The venue seemed moderately busy, but not as busy as all of the other restaurants on the street.

The curry was served in a takeaway box and came with rice (a bit strange given we’d said we were eating in, but probably saved with needing to wash up).

I sampled the curry first without the chicken. It was thick but there was no doubt it was authentic and rich. I moved next to the fried chicken – not too heavily battered and succulent. The rice, in combination with the chicken and curry, was surprisingly good. My expectations had not been high, but I had been too quick to judge the venue (as perhaps had others based on its busyness).

The price was standard, the service speed more than adequate, and the food was tasty. Remarkable given how thinly staffed the restaurant appeared.

If you’re looking for something that will hit the spot and is inexpensive, Boomshack will tick the boxes.

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